Street Number Route Neighborhood Locality
545 Knight Island Road Earleville
County State Zip Code Country
Cecil Maryland 21919 USA

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$135,000, 545 Knight Island Road, Earleville, MD 21919, USA

2014-03-23 - $135000 (((((((( _ Is This Your Next Cottage On The Waterfront ? _)))))))) (Eastern Shore ) Three Story Waterfront Lighthouse and Two Victourian Cottages and a Storgage Building and you get All four Buildings and the ( Sailboat Waterfront Land ) that their on. This is a great place winter and summer to have fun with your family and friends and I have a free and clear ( Title in Hand ) . I will also trade for a large ( Sailboat or Power Boat ) or Real-Estate in PA, MD, NJ, or Del, area on this property.,,, You never know what i will trade for until you ask. . Sooo, . Please put a contac

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