The following code is a quick way of embedding a rental map centered at "Los Angeles". The live result is shown below the code.

<iframe src="" width="800" height="400" frameborder="0">

The URL accepts the following parameters.

loc The center location of the map, for example, loc=los+angeles, loc=richmond+ca+usa, loc=richmond+bc+canada. For ambiguous locations, please provide more specified addresses.
lat, lng The center of the map by latitude and longitude, for example, lat=34.05&lng=-118.24. This is an alternative to the loc parameter. Please use either one of them, but not both.
zoom The zoom level of the map, for example zoom=15. The default value is 15. A number between 14 and 18 is recommended.

You may try out by typing in the URL with parameters in any web browser. For example,